India vs Nepal quarter final 1

  India versus Nepal was the first match of the quarter final of the Asian game this match was played on October 3 at 9:00 a.m. local time when you for this match was been campus cricket field Mujib while playing first Indian team squad 202 runs with its round in 20 hours so the team India Saturday of 203 for the art of the team Nepal vs in the target of 203 Nepal team remained at 179 because I am 20 hours India won this match by 23 runs stock about that of the match as per as the match is concerned Indian from the Indian size Jaiswal score 10000 49 balls his animal clues 15 boundaries out with their were it force and 76 is he played with the strike rate of 204 he was out on the bowler the Bindra Singh by Rituraj get captain of the Indian team squad 25 runs in 23 balls his include for boundaries he played with this type rate of 108 he was out on the ball of the Indira Singh and his catch was called by Rohit paudel. from the Indian site Tilak Verma score tours and balls his regret was 20 he was bold or by some Paul coming while Jitesh Sharma wicketkeepers Man of the Indian team squad 5 in 4 balls is include one boundary is tigrated 125 was born and catched by Limousine while sheman the best 25 runs in 19 balls is includes 3 bond is out of is there were two force and 16 April with the strike rate of 131 he remain not out 437 15 balls is include 6 bond is out of there were 24 and 46 is typed was 246 not out.

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